i know i tend

to generate mucho readership ire when i butter the bottoms of bosses on my blog, but this one just walked out the door, so it doesn’t really count.

i am sad about the departure of danny russell.

i remember — 27 years ago today! — when pdawg was like, ‘teter, you should go talk to danny because kristen convery just quit and you once told me that you’d like to work at TOP.’

and so i did. and instead of dismissing me as a lost SNPer who wandered on the wrong side of the building, danny talked to me for a very long time about what sort of writer he likes at his paper, and he’s been pretty darn nice to me ever since.

i wish he would have stuck around for a few of my formative years.

shut up.

i’m one of those people who needs some coattails to cling to.

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