oh my god oh my god oh my god

Megan Pringlei think … i think megan pringle might have just commented on my blog.

okay. okay. okay. relax. you’ve talked with her in real life before. you’ve made her probably at least 20 grande nonfat lattes (why does she always order two!?), you saw her at the Daily Show taping that time you made jon stewart laugh out loud — !! — so this is a natural progression in your relationship. first the casual conversation, then the stalking, then the blog comment.

i love you megan pringle.

i have never, ever (not even once!) in my life hated you. plus, for some reason you drive almost as much traffic to my site as i do.

i love you megan pringle.

please. i’m honored. have a seat.

Editor’s Note: it has come to my attention that Megan Pringle did not comment on my blog. It was my cousin. whom i hate.

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  • http://www.10bagspacking.blogspot.com Jaydubs

    Deep breaths. Deep breaths.

  • mjbipjd

    Sorry for the false alarm! :) I bet you REALLY hate me now! :/

  • Megan Pringle

    Well now I feel compelled to comment on your blog!
    My brother told me about this website.
    All I can say is wow…reading it has left be amused, a little confused, but most of all very entertained. It’s adorable and hilarious.
    I’m now in a new city with a new four dollar coffee.
    I enjoyed chatting with you at Starbucks!

    Take care!

    PS – Two lattes (one for me, one for my fella)

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