a note from the management

Although it took me a few minutes to find the spellcheck, i really dig the new WordPress format and template changes.

You won’t see anything different as a visitor, but inside theteet, it’s like a brand new car with all sorts of gadgets and whizzits and whatnots. power steering!!

perhaps the most exciting new feature is PASSWORD PROTECTED posts. that means i can talk all i want about my boss and only those who know the password will be able to retrieve the information! this is great news and totally not a false sense of security for huge pus—-.

i think what i’ll do from now on is just use the name of the person i’m bashing as the password. so if you think the post is going to be about Joe, just type in his name. If you think it’s about dennis, just try it. i’ll probably still continue to speak ill of Lisa Proctor without remorse. i hate that bi-atch.*

*this is funny because lisa is the nicest person in the newsroom.

it has also been mentioned recently that we at theteet.wordpress.com need to cheer up.

we hear your concerns and are working internally to correct the problem.

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