still your #1 news source for myself and megan pringle.

I have one of those magic counters that tells me what people type in google to link to my blog. here are the most-frequent referrers since was born in, like, July or something: (sorry ben marrison!)


Search Views
the teet 49
lyndsey teter 33
megan pringle 29
donovan britton 28
i hate my cousin 24
monique ming laven 23
bible jokes 22
theteet 17
lyndsey teter blog 16
oliver hyman 13
bob barker 12
ben marrison 12
oliver hyman american idol 10
donovan l. britton 8
nikki bornhorst ohio 8
robert talton 8
“mark major”, “central ohio” 7
motivational rapes 7
dayquil works 7
“ben marrison” 7
“perverse and often baffling” 7
give me back my belly fruit 6
gilly hicks bras 6
khalila perrin 5
teter ben marrison 5
hate my cousin 5
bill melville 5
unhonorable 5
gilly hicks soundtrack 5
donovan l britton 5
“mark major” deceased columbus ohio 5

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  • mjbipjd

    I’m honored that hating me has brought you 29 clicks! I’m also concerned for the seven people who are searching for “motivational rapes.” Frightening, indeed.

  • bill

    megan pringle is HOT !!!!!!