yesterday was a special day for me

for two huge reasons.

Seth suggested that because it’s my first cover, we should frame it and place it in a prominent spot in our home. he is  also storing a few copies under the mattress. for safekeeping.

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  • Brittiny

    Awww we are all so proud of you Teter!!!!! Congrats hun!

  • crankin

    this was quite a facinating and informative article. i particularly liked the line, “abercrombie for the little ones.”

    good work kid.

  • Angie

    Good stuff.

  • jessm

    dude, totally sweet!

  • andrewt

    I put in “Lindsay Teter” into google and found your blog. I did this because I read your article and didn’t know who you were. Congrats — it’s a good one.