gentleman, it has been an honor

this is a new movie starring lyndsey teter, eric lyttle, dennis laycock and tim krumlauf.

not sure who the bearded fellow is:

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  • Dennis

    Your posts get more confusing by the day.

  • theteet

    dennis, unfortunatly your part may have to be recast. up-and-coming understudy johnny hulkenberg has his eye on the role — although joe meyer has been nailing the violin solo in rehearsal lately.

  • Jaydubs

    If you’re wondering where I am, look for the blue-tinged corpse floating in the icy water.

  • pdawg

    Does that make me the guy who got thrown overboard for stealing kidney pies from the rich people and ended up on a deserted isle with the Swedish Bikini team?

  • Bill Melville

    And I had the good fortune to take a stroll on the deck as the iceberg approached, then jumped in a lifeboat and paddled away before anyone was the wiser.

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