DEVASTATING EVENTS starring Steve Guttenberg.

I am Steve Guttenberg’s biggest fan.

Some may query, “but how can you be a fan of the Gutte if you’ve never seen Police Academy?”

For you, naysayers, I have two words: Cocoon Two.

He is the sweetest, most sincere man on the planet.

I love him. 

Now, as I’m sure many of you are aware, our beloved Steve was eliminated from Dancing with the Stars last night. As if I needed another reason to hate America.

When we were courting, Seth was aware of my strange fascination, so he sent me an autographed photo to hang in my dorm room: 


All I can say is ”who knew!?” 

Anyway, I still have the email that Steve sent to me personally nearly one month after the tragic events of Sept. 11, 2001. This is not a lie: 

Date: Monday, November 12, 2001 7:07 PM -0500
Subject: Re:

Dear Lyndsey,

Good day and thank you for writing me. I am sending this letter in response to your email to give you some news about me and what’s been going on. I am currently in post production on a film I directed called P.S. Your Cat is Dead. It is a comedy with some dramatic moments, based on the play and novel by James Kirkwood.

There is a website for the movie,, please check it out. The film should be released sometime next year, I am looking forward to you watching it.

In the meantime, I am currently developing future projects, reading many scripts from other writers and trying to lead a balanced life, spending time with family and friends. This is my 25th year in the entertainment business and I have loved every minute. There are times that when it’s a challenge, but I am grateful for the opportunity to be contributing to our culture. Being an actor has been rewarding, but also strange at times.

Currently, I reside in both New York and LosAngeles, I have a dog, some fish and a healthy attitude. Once again, thank you for getting in touch, I read all of the emails.

Many happy returns,

Steve Guttenberg

He is LOOKING FORWARD to MY WATCHING of his MOVIE. I should probably do that.

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  • jessm

    man, i remember you had that picture on your door when you lived on montrose. good times. good times. i also remember union street, the original, with the haze of smoke and chris wondering if he should eat another bacon cheese burger ‘just to have the taste of it in his mouth’ and bryony getting pigs in a blanket and gettin upset when i drank her syrup cup and you eating that gigantic ham sandwich and saying “tonight i am going to sleep like a baby full of ham”

    this summer i will visit you in bangs. for. real.

  • theteet

    this is the best response has recieved to date.

    the part about the visit is the high point, i think :)

  • jessm

    for this i am greatly honored.

    i will contact you about possible dates soon.

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