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i’m sorry

one more. one more. one more. and i’ll quit. i swear. i’m sorry. TEN POINTS to the Mount Vernon News’s own Mark P. Jourdan, who likely is collecting large sums of money from a reporter’s pool for slipping “a bewitching, … Continue reading

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church in the country

If you go: Known for its disturbing friendliness and unsettling hospitality, Church in the Country is a small, cozy establishment nestled in the sprawling countryside of Knox County, Ohio. Do: Expect to stick out like a sore thumb: Everyone knows every … Continue reading

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my face is burning and crying. because of the tears. FU. sorry mmm wit darcmann ..druuuuuuunk,

dan williamson and erik johns have ruined blogging for me. i feel bad even as i pen this soon-to-be classic internet hit. they said there is something about a person — no offense — who puts their personal life on … Continue reading

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They like us.

They really, really like us.   NAA ANALYSIS OF NEW GOOGLE RESEARCH FINDS NEWSPAPER ADVERTISING DRIVES ONLINE TRAFFIC, CONSUMER PURCHASING Research shows newspapers + Internet = more consumer purchasing power; Ads that appear in both mediums reinforce consumer confidence in … Continue reading

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he said/she said

special “we don’t need a night editor” office email edition: he said:  i just wanted you to know that I farted in your old cubicle. it was a fart of grief. it wasn’t smelly, if that’s any consolation.

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the madnesssssss

this week is a blur. friends, family, bosses. i got another sexy cover. this was more of a team effort. *astute* TOP readers will note that yes, i have written provocativish stories in the past. get over it, prudes. although — i … Continue reading

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i have the best. life. ever.

this april is really going a whole lot better than last april.

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the bear inside him quieted

hi guys. I successfully tortured everyone involved with the Protected post. There were no actual words in the post, I just wanted to test how that would work. my conclusion? a secret online diary would be nearly impossible to maintain.

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seth took a picture of me working in the garden

I was making raised beds shortly before the second coming of christ.

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for a while i was like

‘oh my gawd, with all the manlove jon stewart has for Obama, when he’s elected president, how will we laugh?’ if jon stewart is so blindly in love with our president that he can’t mock him in comedy routines, it will be … Continue reading

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