Here is what I said on my blog about being promoted to commentary editor for the first time last year:

“this is a good place to be, considering our company’s recent buyout and the big push toward the internets. (VODCAST OR DIE.) I could realistically be blogging for work by June. Everything is falling into place.”

Since then, I have learned the consquences of speaking positively. As such, here is what I am saying about the departure of a man 20-30 percent my editor:

“This is the end of things. All who enter will be broke and soulless by the end of the month. I will develop boils. Fire and brimstone will fall on the earth.”

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  • Brittiny

    Who is this mystery man leaving that you speak of?

  • theteet

    it’s actually ben marrison, who served a short term as my part-time intern. his rosy little cheeks will be missed.

    don’t yall know i write only to pique your interest and then leave you hanging with some vague work-related message?!

    stay tuned to for continued coverage of this mind-blowing event.

    we’ll have an artists’ rendering at our 5 o’clock broadcast.

  • Brittiny

    Great, now you’re turning into a broadcast journalist. Your giving us the written commercials that say things like “The food that is killing your child! Details at 11.”
    Hang in there Teet. All is not yet lost.

  • theteet

    it’s dennis laycock.

  • Brittiny

    Your such a tease Teeter! If that isn’t an example of lazy journalism, I don’t know what it. ;-)

  • Brittiny

    That “it” should be an is.

  • Norma