Should my braided rug be round or oval?


Umm, Jesus love me enough to let me hear from all sides.

 It seems that a lot of folks ’round these parts are feeling the burn, so to speak.

 I wish he would just leave me be and let me live my happy pagan lifestyle.

Lousy accepting christ as my personal savior. never let that one go, will ya killey mcgee?

(insert disciplinary lighting strike here)

(no, not that kind of Lightning Strike)

Anyway, Good Friday + dead friend + Jim Wallis + Barack Obama’s speech on race + Family + Easter + Ham + discovering old pictures (!) = a weird week for the teetering soul of your teterbot.

Wouldn’t it be easier if we were all Amish? We could settle this over apple butter.

The tides of life:

Every Friday, I curse my husband for dragging me home to the country

Every Sunday I curse myself for keeping my job in the big city.

Something magic happens between Friday night and Sunday evening that makes me appreciate the following things:

1.) Chickens, which are on back-order, but are scheduled to arrive by May.

2.) Floors, which are finished.

3.) Views, which are unobstructed by residential units.

4.) Deer, which are hilarious.

5.) 1,000 square feet of garden, which are in planning stages.

6.) Chestnut trees, which are pointy

7.) 52 board feet of Hickory, which are stair treads.

8.) Blackbirds, which are baked in a pie.

9.) Clotheslines, which are totally possible.

10.) Braided rugs, which are $800 if you don’t make them yourself for $40.

I am the most-blessed.

You can be second.

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  • Jaydubs

    I only understand, like, half of what you’ve posted here, but I think you should do whichever shape is easier. Also, if you haven’t bought rug materials yet, you should consider a trip to the thrift store for materials — they’re just made of t-shirts, no? I have no opinion on round or oval. Just follow your heart.

  • Jaydubs

    Uh, I am apparently quite fond of repeating myself, apparently.

    Too much coffee + too little sleep = one dumb me.