mark major

Bummer alert.

For the CM crowd, our favorite abrasive chain-smoker man died this week at age 40.

He had some troubles and was in the office asking for work on Monday. I was asked if I’d like to go out and visit him and I said no, mostly because I was mildly afraid of him. Sort of wish i would have now. Not that anyone could have influenced the outcome — when people make up their mind about that sort of thing, well, there’s not a lot you can do – but still, would have enjoyed one last smoker’s rant with the old man before he left us.

He was rude and fun and bald and lovable in a weird way. He always complimented me on my writing, especially when I first started and had no idea what I was doing. Never really  thought he was capable of some of the stuff people said he may have done. Damn, man.

Pray for his daughter, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Services are tomorrow, and I think there are a handful of people here going if you’re interested.


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