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Can I tell you how heartbroken I’m going to be if this man is not elected president?

I am going to be crushed like worm.

This, by the way, seems like ‘leadership.’

Just before hearing this tear-jerker of a speech earlier today, I was able to speak with Jim Wallis for a little bit for a column, which is great, because there’s no safe way to keep my opinion out of this topic.

Sojourners is piloting a campaign of sorts called Justice Revival in, of all places, Columbus, Ohio.

We’re going places, kid.

Four years ago, Jim Wallis created the Religious Left so that normal folks could exist in a Religious Middle somewhere between Sojourners and the Religious Right. He is a wise, sea-changing kind of man. But I wish that his group could address the religious divide that exists in our region  (pastors suing pastors, pastors backing candidates, Reformation Ohio, We Believe, etc.) with the kind of humility and honesty seen above.

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  • Bill Melville

    It’s hard to be heartbroken when a man chooses his preacher so poorly. Those speeches could singlehandedly turn the race, and Obama didn’t even give them.

  • theteet

    Melville! I am going to have to send you the transcript. you obviously weren’t listening.