shiny, happy floors


we have to add baseboards and outlet covers, but you get the idea.

For a play-by-play, visit The Floor Show.

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  • Jaydubs


  • crankin

    wow. those are amazing. what kind of nail/nail gun did you use?

  • Merlin

    Shiny haaaappy floorboards holding haaaaands….

    Well done!

  • theteet

    We face-nailed. Blind-nailers are too expensive to rent!

    To go for that authentic look, we used 8d common cut nails (also known as ‘Jesus Nails’) from a place called the Tremont Nail Company.

    For a ‘nail gun,’ we used hammers and our arms. Seth accidentally used his thumb on occasion.

  • crankin

    your hands?! i have a nice finish nailer in my basement that would have worked wonders…

  • theteet

    finish nailer? on jesus nails?

    no comprende.

    anyway, it was only 800 nails. No biggie.