We Believe.

I don’t know if it’s the high from the Waterlocks sealant or genuine emotion, but I am glowing.

We put the first coat of finish on our new floors last night.

Pictures are coming for the droves glued to their computer screens. (REFRESH! REFRESH!) 

My parents were in town last night for my mother’s birthday dinner. They ended up paying, which was bogus, but they both concluded that they hadn’t seen us this happy since maybe our wedding day.

Afterward, Seth dreamt that he married Cate Blanchett, (who had been in love with him for quite some time despite his neglect in their previous relationship,) and I dreamt that Barack Obama finally acknowledged his appreciation for all the subtle one-on-one campaigning I have been doing as of late. (I was the little spoon!)

PLUS, we killed that pesky mouse who had been eating all our peanut butter.

We decided over breakfast that in our present state of mind, ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN.

We are Champions of the People.


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