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Here is what I said on my blog about being promoted to commentary editor for the first time last year: “this is a good place to be, considering our company’s recent buyout and the big push toward the internets. (VODCAST OR … Continue reading

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dear readers

i’m writing to apologize. this morning I cut-copied-and-pasted a blog entry for a column. i got desperate, and acted in a way that was disrespectful to the craft. in any event, i can’t promise it won’t happen again. i am the … Continue reading

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secret knox county: wireless internet access

i am blogging from a coffee shop at Kenyon College, which is also the only place you can find wifi on a Sunday within county borders. it’s like athens here — only hippies are intermingled with a lot of girls … Continue reading

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the teter who cried nurse

every time i joke about abandoning this wretched field and becoming a nurse, please take a shot. you’ll be drunk very early in the week.  i love my job. i’m speaking of my original job, which is writing columns for … Continue reading

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Brooke. like a stream. or a meadow.

It should come as no surprise to anyone, but Seth hates TV. He calls it ‘the idiot box’ and becomes physically ill whenever he walks in on me taking a quick peek at, say, a Sex and the City episode. … Continue reading

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there’s being right and there’s being nice.

I went to an SPJ thing moments ago about journalism and the interwebs. They played this clip, which I love, (but can’t get to embed on the site). Almost as much as my favorite Onion video. Not everybody gets such quality … Continue reading

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Should my braided rug be round or oval?

Hi/ Umm, Jesus love me enough to let me hear from all sides.  It seems that a lot of folks ’round these parts are feeling the burn, so to speak.  I wish he would just leave me be and let … Continue reading

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stuff this white person loves.

1.) 2.) Farai Chideya 3.) the black perspective. Man, I only know maybe less than a dozen black people! I am so sheltered and sooooo Caucasian. I LOVE listening to NPR’s News & Notes and thinking “Man! I wouldn’t … Continue reading

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mark major

Bummer alert. For the CM crowd, our favorite abrasive chain-smoker man died this week at age 40. He had some troubles and was in the office asking for work on Monday. I was asked if I’d like to go out and visit him … Continue reading

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what are you doing? for a living or otherwise?

Hi. Can I tell you how heartbroken I’m going to be if this man is not elected president? I am going to be crushed like worm. This, by the way, seems like ‘leadership.’ Just before hearing this tear-jerker of a speech earlier today, … Continue reading

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