overheard at today’s rally!


she said: i love him!

she said: i just saw his face!

she also said: i feel like a rock concert!

My only complaint about the shindig? I wish he would have been less specific.

Although many argue that Obama is vague and general (some would say ‘glittering’) I was most impressed when he STOPPED talking about his policy proposals (snoozefest!) and started talking about hope and why we should have it and why he’s running for president now instead of later when he’s old and broken and when he talked about the power of mobilizing the american people — and grassroots!

Granted, we’re not abolishing slavery or fighting to allow women to vote or pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps out of a decades-old depression – but we’re in a pretty terrible war and some people have started saying we’re in a recession for sure, so.

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  • A Lachmonster

    Well I don’t know about letting women vote or the depression. But the whole freeing the slaves things was a just a cover for federal hegemony over the south and creating the basis for the american empire as we now know it.