Amanda is not dead


It should be noted here that my little sister is alive, and pretty much back to normal operation.

Despite having her brain explode one year ago today, Amanda is walking and talking and breathing and laughing. She can even touch each finger to her nose.

Her AVM has long ago been zapped by the doctors, who, as we all may recall, made her wear a funny hat. The troublesome veins near her brain stem are slowly vaporizing over the next three years, as I understand it. She will finish school in the spring, alongside many other six-year students who, arguably, did not have their brains explode. She is living comfortably in Ashland with the ‘rents and will likely never leave because her sister bought her and AMAZING dartboard for Christmas that was later exchanged for a MORE FUNCTIONAL dartboard.

To this day, Amanda Johnson does not comprehend her full value. Sources say people in heaven are working on that.

The only side effect from her surgery is a tendency to vote Republican in a highly-contested presidential primary election. Sources say people on the ground are devoted to solving that problem, too.

If you see this woman on the street, tell her she is a walking miracle.

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  • little but larger sister

    I did NOT vote republican…it was only the primary tho…