Michael: I think the president of a “Don’t Buy” company can afford to take a day off.

George Micheal: We’re up from “Sell?” It’s happening, isn’t it?

Michael: It’s really happening.

Why can’t I do anything but quote Arrested Development in every post? I has become part of me.

******* spoiler alert! *********

I don’t know much about numbers, but if a stock barely rivals the lowest possible bid on the Price is Right — that’s not good thing, right?

I need a new financial planner.

In other news, this is the best day of my life.

 I am $30-some dollars richer, by way of MARION COTILLARD, who no one believed in but me, and TILDA SWINTON, who is a bit of a looney tune.

I also AM GOING TO SEE BARACK OBAMA on WEDNESDAY. We have like 40 reporters going. We’ll draw straws for the actual writing of the article. I CALL OPINION! Ooooooooooooo, burn!

Sorry for the scattered shouting. I’m just so excited. The floor is 3/4 of the way installed, I have a date with Barack tomorrow, lunch money in my pocket today, and then there is THIS! (someone is pasting Baby’s First Recall Petition in the scrapbook this morning!) … life. is. well, you get the idea. I’ll contact you later.

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