i think i just broke up with barack obama

or ‘how i learned to hate the american people’

you can probably hear my heart breaking from Pittsburgh.

here’s the thing: i don’t want to be the one to ruin this for readers, but last night I learned that Obama might just be a political candidate running for office. he’s not bono. or even jesus christ! and his followers can turn out to be just as uninspiring.

 i went to an organizational meeting for barack obama’s 18th OH congressional district campaign last night in my hometown of Mount Vernon. 

i almost turned around and went home when i pulled up to the Dem headquarters. i think this is because i go to meetings for a living, and i couldn’t imagine myself as a participant. it seemed unnatural. i’m not the type to give up a warm, snuggly evening of American Idol to attend a political function. but i thought it would be a good chance to meet like-minded folks in my new neighborhood, and my husband (a McCain supporter) seemed oddly proud of me, so i went for it.

there were many motivational aspects, including the fact that the room comprised (and i think this is from one of his speeches) black and white, old and young, dems and republicans, past and future. and the elated faces of the organizers (and the condition of the headquarters!) suggests that Knox County Democrats haven’t seen this much love since — at least the late 70s but maybe never.

Everything was going well — we went around the room to tell our strange hero-worship stories detailing why we “heart” Barack, we signed up to canvass and phone bank, and then one of the bad cappuccino glasses started discussing what Chris Matthews said on MSNBC. Here is my conclusion:

Barack Obama = inspiring

Barack Obama supporters = less inspiring

Listening to strangers talk about foreign and national politics = the worst thing you can imagine, maybe

We were talking about the most successful way to canvass, and there was a Moment of Saved Grace when a 22-year-old fella and his wife — (both iraq war vets with their 5-month baby in tow) stopped the heated conversation about whether Barack’s foreign policy strategy had been rightly criticized by some senator in Texas or something to say something along the lines of :

“guys – the problem is not the people who know things and want to disagree with you. The problem is all the people who don’t know anything about the race.”

Apparently this fella had been talking Obamatics with those who work alongside him in the factory, and he stirred up some serious issues of racism in his workplace. Of course, everyone immediately turned to the two black females in the room, (who actually were aware of racial tensions in the county long before this meeting) But then the black woman led the room full of white people through a moment of healing, strangely, and explained how best to deal with those sorts of comments. God Bless those two women, seriously.

Actually, separating that story out for a minute makes me love America even more.

Oh, no.

It’s back again.

What is this feeling? 

It’s not envy, or even hungry. It’s like my heart is getting hard.

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  • http://www.mansizedtarget.wordpress.com Mr. Roach

    I think it’s a sad state of affairs that Obama’s empty rhetoric–the classic fallacy called “glittering generalities”–is impressing so many people. I get the impression they don’t know or care what he’ll do. People like you just like his style. You imagine he’ll do what you would want done, even though he never says what exactly he’ll do as President and, when he is specific, is a standard-issue liberal in the mold of Carter or Mondale. He and his rhetoric seems serious, even though an educated person can see it’s empty.

  • lemonscarlet aka J-do

    OK. Why do people keep saying that? Read his books. Look at his web site. He knows what to do about a lot of things. He created a successful Earned Income Tax credit program in Illinois which provided over 100 million dollars in tax cuts. TAX CUTS. Did you catch that? He created a law with a REPUBLICAN to promote greater transparency by a measure that allows every American access to the knowledge of how every dime of their tax dollars are being spent. He just knows the attention span of the average American is like 1.8 seconds so he doesn’t bore the masses with the details, because the masses don’t really want them. The masses are welcome to look into the details whenever they want to because he makes them readily available. The man has been a civil rights attorney, community organizer and has served at the state (8 years)and federal (4 years, I think) government levels. It’s not like he’s been sitting around with his thumb up his butt and suddenly he’ll become president and go “Oh crap – what am I supposed to be doing?” He talks a lot about change and he IS doing things diferently – like not taking lobbyists’ money for example. That in and of itself is HUGE. his health care plan is specific – the public plan will be really similar to the one that member’s of congress have and he will create a watchdog organization that will oversee private plans for people who choose to purchase private plans. He outlines the problems and specific solutions for the problems in public education here – http://www.barackobama.com/issues/education/

    He just doesn’t throw facts and figures out there for show – he speaks from passion and a lot of times that gets peoples’ attention more than the details he is well familiar with. Obviously this is working since he’s now won 11 primaries and caususes in a row.

    I agree that alot of people are enamored of him just because he is an excellent public speaker and very likeable. Fortunately there is good reason to believe in him.

  • http://www.10bagspacking.blogspot.com Jaydubs

    Glittering generalities … so … shiny … cannot … resist …

  • lemonscarlet aka J-do

    I put this long response here the other day and it never showed up…boo.

  • theteet

    so sorry lemonscarlet!

    i just pulled your comment (as seen above!) out of my spam folder…Akismet thought you were a robot!!