he said/she said:

Special My Heart’s Not In It Anymore edition:

steter: Are you covering the big law suit?

l-jo: huh?

steter: yeah, some developer sued the entire village of Big Walbury. there was a big article in the Dispatch about it today.

l-jo: hm.


steter: I was expecting a more dramatic response than that.

l-jo: oh, sorry. were you lying?

steter: yes.

l-jo: well i guess that settles that, then.

BONUS he said/she said:

Special ”$10 to anyone who can guess what he’s referring to!” edition:

steter: it’s like making toast with a screwdriver – everyone just ends up confused. i mean, why would you do that? and then we all feel like we have to clap because you’re gay and you’re 12.

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  • lemonscarlet aka J-do

    Obviously an American Idol reference