yes i can


I threw $25 in the toilet. I mean, I donated some money to Barack Obama’s campaign. And I think I signed up to volunteer for something in Knox County. It should not be too big of a commitment, however, as I am one of nine Democrats in the county.

Anyway, I’ve never even really thought of doing something like this before, let alone found the motivation to go through with it. Have you? What is happening to this great cynical, apathetic country? Have online donations made it too easy for us? We punch in our VISA card numbers before we think it through?

I’m still the stereotypical young person seen above, motivated by Obama into thinking that government can make the world a better place, if its constituents are united under one banner of hope or something. We can stop genocide. We can mandate health care for everyone under the age of 18. We can boost the nation’s education spending, offering higher pay for teachers across the board. Seriously, I’m buying into all of it. 100 percent. Or 79 percent, according to Glassbooth.

Also, I have a huge crush on Barack Obama. My romantic feelings toward him are squelching all sensors in me that are supposed to detect valid criticisms.

Like this video, which I normally would label something along the lines of “creepy.” But now, I’m willing to hum along with it. But that could be related to my huge crush on Scarlett Johansson.

I am going to be so crushed when he does not win the nomination. But then again, J-Do said it would happen, so I can still Believe.

Seth says I’m not allowed to give him $25 more dollars, although I think that qualifies as limiting my free speech, which is frowned upon in marriage.

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  • lemonscarlet aka J-do

    Oh, yes…it can happen. It IS happening. Just you wait little Teet.

  • Pdawg

    “Bandwagon jumper” I believe is the term they use for people of your ilk.

    Me? I’m voting for Dewey.

  • Meryl

    I’m still not sure if I am an “Obama Girl” or not… It is tempting, fo sho.