live blogging

From the scene of a car accidnet(s).

About an hour ago, seth and I took an exciting and crunchy slide into a ditch. I am typing this with a broken arm. Kidding.

I only wish that the tow truck companies were as quick to respond as some 13,000 Knox County residents, four ambulences and the sheriff who have come to check on us.

Now we see two ambulence drivers slidding down the hill. They are assisting the black car about 800 yards behind us … Well in front of us ? Who are in a similar predicament.

This is exciting, but also really boring. Stay tuned to your browsers.

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  • betsy

    Sorry about the crunchy ride. How are you blogging from the scene? From your cell? I must know.

  • theteet

    my old man has a blackberry.

    i was able to type a blog instead of ‘going into the light’