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Amanda is not dead

It should be noted here that my little sister is alive, and pretty much back to normal operation. Despite having her brain explode one year ago today, Amanda is walking and talking and breathing and laughing. She can even touch each … Continue reading

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overheard at today’s rally!

she said: i love him! she said: i just saw his face! she also said: i feel like a rock concert! My only complaint about the shindig? I wish he would have been less specific. Although many argue that Obama … Continue reading

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what i’m saying is

that our generation has felt helpless from the beginning … and that’s the problem … war, global warming, genocide, it’s all around us and people would rather just surf the net to see what they’re friends are doing. we have … Continue reading

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Si, Se Puede!

There is one more way that Arrested Development ties into life in America today. Is anybody else secretly afraid that the whole nation will chant “Yes We Can” all the way to the White House, and then we won’t be … Continue reading

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Michael: I think the president of a “Don’t Buy” company can afford to take a day off.

George Micheal: We’re up from “Sell?” It’s happening, isn’t it? Michael: It’s really happening. Why can’t I do anything but quote Arrested Development in every post? I has become part of me. ******* spoiler alert! ********* I don’t know much … Continue reading

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the jig is up

So, once, Joe gave me this stuffed dinosaur as a prize because it was first time i had written a column without mentioning my age. (Shut up – I’m self-conscious!) (and 25!) Then a few months later, Maybel came with … Continue reading

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i think i just broke up with barack obama

or ‘how i learned to hate the american people’ you can probably hear my heart breaking from Pittsburgh. here’s the thing: i don’t want to be the one to ruin this for readers, but last night I learned that Obama might … Continue reading

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he said/she said:

Special My Heart’s Not In It Anymore edition: steter: Are you covering the big law suit? l-jo: huh? steter: yeah, some developer sued the entire village of Big Walbury. there was a big article in the Dispatch about it today. … Continue reading

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jesus, take the wheel

let me get this out there so that if it happens, people will be able to discuss the difference between irony and coincidence at my funeral.  so my worst nightmare might be navigating a right-hand curve in the dark on a rainy/icy … Continue reading

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this looks totally nothing like us

As captured by the pencil blog, we see Jen Noblit’s impression of Seth Teter’s impression of print journalists:   As the legend goes, in the year 2006, a group of journalists were gathered at a quaint home in Clintonville chatting … Continue reading

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