the teevee told me to do it.

our DISH TV has a Decision 2008 application that allows you to take a pretty intense quiz that will match you with your favorite presidential candidate. Right after The Office. Or Moment of Truth, of course.

I am 97 percent Obama. Edwards came in second, with Clinton in third. My first Republican was McCain.

Seth took the same quiz and got Huckabee. WTF.

Afterward, we played Crazy Asshole and labeled Guns, Abortion, Immigration and Gay Marriage as the most important issues. The questions you are given very depending on priorities set, so after filling in how many queers I’d like to kill and determining the height of the fences I’d like to build, I became Mitt Romney.

I am watching the Cali-Cali debates right now, and if I see one more clapping celebrity, I am going to kill everyone. There is no reason that Pierce Brosnan should be allowed to vote in this country.

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