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Have you guys heard of Gilly Hicks, the new lingerie store by A&F?

I will never let my children 1.) shop there or 2.) meet Michael Jeffries.

from the Dispatch:

“We believe Gilly Hicks could be a more wholesome alternative (to Victoria’s Secret), and mothers would not mind taking their 15-year-olds to Gilly Hicks to shop,” Greenberger said.

Like Abercrombie’s other brands, what the store is really selling is an image as much as apparel: Gilly Hicks representatives talk about “boy-girl tension” as one of the defining elements of the store, and repeat the backstory of the store as dreamed up by Abercrombie Chairman Michael Jeffries.

In this fantasy, Gilly Hicks was a liberated Englishwoman who moved to Australia in the 1930s. Now, her granddaughter has returned to her historic Sydney manor house to set up a hip lingerie store in the modern day.

“Gilly’s” portrait hangs in the “living room” of the store, between the foyer and the “bra library” where hundreds of bras are displayed on dark cherry wood shelves.

Even the mannequins have an antique look, as do the perfume bottles and the glass cabinets that hold them. Plush shabby-chic sofas and art photography books by Bruce Weber and other chroniclers of the male form invite young women to linger in the dimly lit store.

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  • Meryl

    Woah, that’s pretty sick. What kind of parent takes their kid shopping for lingerie? I hope this fails miserably, but something tells me it probably won’t…