there is one thing i must mention about living in the country

Childhood obesity could very well be explained by the mile-long driveways.

When you live in the country, if you are late driving to work in the big city, you will get stuck behind a school bus. There are two places in Knox County where it is safe to pass a school bus. If you are stuck between these two places, you have to wait for the bus to pick up each child on their way to the Centerburg Local School District. During this time, there is ample opportunity for observation.

An alarming number of parents heat up their cars and wait at the end of their mile-long driveways for the bus to pick up their children.

There is one family — our favorite family — who makes the kids travel to the bus stop the old fashioned way.  Each morning, as the bus approaches, we see the mother holding back two small boys wrapped in several layers of warm clothing. When she releases them, they sprint the 1600-yard-dash to the road, beginning as two tiny, bouncing blurps that gradually form into overstuffed bookbags with two elementary-sized figures attached.

We have toyed with the notion of timing them. It seriously takes like 2 minutes for the boys to get to the bus, but with the right soundtrack, (preferably the ‘you’re running out of time in World 2-1 of the original Super Mario Bros.’ tune) it can truly make my morning.

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