i done been tagged

by Lemonscarlet!

now I have to come up with six quirky things about myself. I wish I could use my friends’ quirks I have collected over the years: the way Seth says ‘foal’ instead of ‘full,’ the way Talya unloads a shopping cart; the way Emily Blair defuzzes a sweater; the way Klingler steps back a bit before launching into a hearty laugh; the way Colleen can think ahead like 27 steps into any logistic process; there are many others.

But alas, I will speak of myself on this blog. Lord knows someone needs to.

1.) I think my most endearing quirk is my affinity for blogging. No matter how sacred or messy or dramatic or fun, I have already translated it into a 300-word entry. I’m not sure that’s what God intended.

2.) “I’ve got to …” I’ve been told I use this phrase a lot. I’ve got to stop doing that.

3.) I think that Bangs counts as a quirk, as do many of the country-living lifestyle changes as of late: the slaughtered pig, the pressure canner, the cover-alls, the worm compost, etc.

4.) I am an excellent electrician largely thanks to my tiny otter hands. Plumbing? Not so much. Although I’ve got the crack for it.

5.) My relatively small stature often requires me to cram my arm or self into tight places to retrieve things that someone else has lost. If someone is locked out of their home, I am being shoved through a window.

6.) I ask really dumb questions just earnestly enough to get away with it, i.e., “What happens if I do not turn in this assignment?” or (to a cop, while in the back seat of his cruiser, after seth and I were stranded on I-71 and he had rescued us.) “How do you know that our car is actually broken down and that this is not just a set-up to murder you?”

 I would like to hear from the quirksters mentioned above, as well as jwray, pdawg, angie, bill and Lin. wait. now I’m just listing everyone on my blog roll. if you are reading this, consider yourself tagged. That goes for you, too, Dennis.

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  • Brittiny

    I’m not even important enough to be mentioned any more … boo …

  • Bill Melville

    Because I am on a huge deadline, you can have one quirk. I’m keeping the other five for myself:

    No one is better at talking trash about someone when either:
    A.) The person in question is within earshot and I don’t know it.
    B.) The crowd noise will die down as soon as I make my point loudly and emphatically. The music stops I have the attention of the entire room.
    C.) I wanted Jim Toms to know how much I disliked him. Especially after he tried to kill me on the way to hear Phylicia Rashad speak.

  • Meryl

    My quirk? I was genetically skipped by the gene that makes most females attracted to jewelry. I am baffled by the “oohs” and “ahhs” that greet the presence of an engagement ring. I’ve gotten pretty good at faking it, though.

  • Dennis

    Brittiny, maybe if you actually provided us some reading material, you’d be mentioned.

    Ooh, burn.

  • http://mymiddlenameisearl.blogspot.com Merlin

    Quirks? Here goes, LT:

    1. I can perfectly recite the American pledge of allegiance in French. Can’t speak much else, but I got that pledge down.

    2. There is no place in my apartment that you can stand without being within 10 feet of a weapon, be it a knife, broad sword, or firearm. You never know…

    3. I once had a smart person convinced for three days that the movie Ghostbusters was based on real events.

    4. I have never met, spoken to, read about, or even heard of another human with a first name spelled L-I-N-S-L-Y.

    5. Before I became ashamed of my geekiness, I used to dominate the Magic: The Gathering tournament circuit. Google my name and you’ll see.

  • pdawg

    My quirk is that I have no quirks. I am the arbiter of normalcy. There is nothing I do that is considered quirky other than not having a quirk, which in and of itself is quirky. Unless it is not because it’s me and therefore that’s the norm.

    Or maybe my quirk is that I just BLEW YOUR FREAKING MIND.

  • pdawg
  • theteet

    Meryl, Welcome Aboard! Good to have you with us.

    pdawg, your quirks are endless. although i might be confusing ‘hilarious tales of woe’ with ‘quirks’

    also, Linsly Donnelly has a BULLDOG. Boo-ya! Way to kill the dream, though seriously.

    bill, thanks for reminding me about the day i didn’t get to meet Richard Dreyfuss :)

    Dennis, I’ve really got to call Brittiny for lunch…

  • Brittiny

    Touche, Dennis. Although, I have opted to delete my blog so there’s no one (literally about one person) out there waiting for me to update.
    I’m running late this morning, but a quirck about me … hmm … it would probably be that beer gives me worse hangovers than liquor.