his name was oliver hyman


Bought us booze and showed us to Wal-Mart: Oliver Hyman 


I totally worked with that dude on American Idol last night.

If anybody watched the Charleston auditions and noticed the friendly looking fellow whose wife had a baby during the show, you’ll be comforted to know that he DID NOT go to Ohio University, despite a plethora of urgent text messages suggesting otherwise.

After hours of frustrated Internet searching, I finally confirmed with my sister that he worked at my father’s factory with us in the summer of ’03  – you know, the summer we painted rooftops and inspected douchbags until the wee hours of the morning?!

Oliver Hyman showed us where the Ashland Wal-Mart was located, and he also bought us wine coolers a couple times during the summer. He is also the cousin of my sister’s ex-boyfriend, who is named Pilot. Hilarious.

Anyway, Seth refuses to go outside in the garage to get the photo of us all on a company golf outing.

There is a guy named Tanner in the photo, and his job at the factory was to pick up cigarette butts along the sidewalk. He had a bucket with his name on it and was totally crazy. Suffice to say, we couldn’t keep him under control on the golf course. Oh man, this would all be so much better for me if my husband would go out into the cold to get that photo. 

Anyway, despite the narrative of the birth of his child sprinkled throughout the show, Oliver Hyman didn’t advance to Hollywood.

Congratulations all the same to him and baby Emma Grace, born at 8:03 a.m.


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  • Anonymous

    Why do i know this kid? Did he go to Baldwin Wallace College in OH? Why do i know this kid?

  • http://www.10bagspacking.blogspot.com Jaydubs

    A guy with the name Hyman worked at a douchebag factory? I refuse to believe it.

  • Bill Melville

    Believe it. Fox 6.28 used to have a rabid right-wing commentator named Mark Human — isn’t that about the same thing?

  • dinka

    come on lynz…with a last name like that, at least spell it right! it’s “highman” geez! and post the pics already!

  • dinka


    takes forever to load, but you can watch him again.

  • dinka


  • dinka

    god…it’s this one.

  • theteet

    i do believe he did attendthe BWC, anonymous. although for at least 45 minutes i was convinced he led a worship band at OU, so I’m not sure how reliable a source i might be on Oliver Hyman.

    YouTube is wrong, Dinka.

    It is HYMAN.

    (and that’s the point!)

  • dinka

    no……..it’s highman.

  • crankin

    this story is so much better than what i drew up myself. i told you that he didnt go to OU. gosh, lyndsey.