maybel survived her surgery unscathed

the same cannot be said for the deer I hit last night during a midnight chicken run to K-Rogers.

yes, it finally happened. after scores of near-misses, I finally clocked one of those dumb a-holes, although the impact was not as dramatic as I imagined it would be.


A deer crosses the path of the Honda about 40 yards ahead of the Teters on a snowy evening in Knox County.

Steter: Where is his friend? (A valid question – The deer always travel in pairs)



L-Jo: There he is.

Steter: I feel like you are not hitting the brakes as hard as you should be.

L-Jo: Well, the roads are slippery and I don’t want to lose control.


L-Jo: Hello little friend.

A deer is hit by the Honda.

I had slowed to about 30 miles per hour, and the deer was running along beside us when he decided to dart out in front of the car. I don’t know why they always do that. They are worse than the girls in the horror movies who run up the stairs instead of out of the house. A few of them actually have outran us, or jumped and cleared the car to escape ahead of us. But not this one.

Anyway, the Honda has a dent, and I’m hoping that the deer wasn’t maimed too terribly. He never fell down, he just sort of rammed in to the side of our car. Tracks indicate he made his way out to the woods somewhere, hopefully to nurse a giant bruise and not to die of starvation related to his broken legs.

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