they have already called me a former co-worker

tomorrow, Maybel will start her day without her reproductive organs.

tomorrow, or more accurately, in the trail of days and months following tomorrow, i will transition into a new job.

here’s hoping that both procedures will remedy recent behavioral and temperament problems. Seth looks forward to living with less aggressive and less bitey companions.

this whole thing is That Feeling, and i hope this comparison doesn’t embarrass anyone, when you finally have been asked to the Enchantment Under the Sea dance by the publication you’ve have your eye on for about three years, and there are two big fears: the first being that you totally made up how great it will be in your mind, and the more pressing fear being that you’ll do something absolutely terrible to screw it up — break a heel, get your braces caught on gymnasium decorations, etc.

either way, it’s just a job.

i hope i can do well.


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  • mandy

    Welcome to the other side of the building? Right??

  • Angie

    Congrats! I knew you’d get it.

  • Merlin

    Yay! So when is the obligatory Patrick J’s social gathering?

  • Bill Melville

    Congrats. It’s the beat you were born to write for, baby…. Can’t wait to see it in the bright lights of the Internets every Thursday afternoon.

    …. I guess this means Kathleen or Rosemary are up for the Commentary Repeditor job?

  • Garth

    Well geez, thanks a LOT, Angie.

    (My refusal to use emoticons, or “smileys” as the cool kids call them, necessitates that I clarify the above statement is sarcasm and I hold no ill will.

    No really.

    I congratulated Lyndsey.

    After I flipped her the bird)

  • Angie

    Sorry Garth. I didn’t know you were in the running. You’re next though old buddy. It will be Lyndsey’s responsibility to open the SNP-CM Media corridor.

  • theteet

    :) :)

    Garth, that was the most perfectly delivered congrats i’ve ever received, especially considering the sordid history The Bird has in this seat — right Melville?

    No celebrating until i’m actually, you know, doing the job and whatnot — so approximately early 2009.

  • Megan

    Ahhhhh something cool has happened. I don’t understand all your funny columbus newspaper double entendre, so no guesses what this wonderful publication is (I’m guessing NOT Blue Prints in the Record Herald) but I’m sure I would be proud of you. You are too cool.

  • Bill Melville

    Garth, thanks keep keeping up the torch.

    Several lifetimes (e.g. election seasons ago) Teter tossed a flagrant bird in my direction for skipping Wednesday lunch, and a tradition was born.

    When you go, someone must aim The Bird in your direction.