Gun Shy: a completely fictional exchange as read from the bottom up

>>> Lennis Daycock 01/11/08 11:15AM >>>  

and pain.  deep, searing, eternal pain.

>>> Lyndsey Teter 01/11/08 11:14AM >>>
now i’m crying. from laughter.

and sadness.

>>> Barth Gishop 01/11/08 11:12AM >>>
And then came the locusts…

>>> Isa Laurand 01/11/08 11:11AM >>>
And then we shed tears of joy.

>>> Lennis Daycock 01/11/08 11:08AM >>>
but by the time we heard that, we had shaken off the shackles of malaise that had fettered us, and were finally starting to emerge from the valley of death, so the news hit us pretty hard…. and we wept and gnashed our teeth. Until we found out she was going to be commentary editor after all.

>>> Barth Gishop 01/11/08 11:05AM >>>
And then, by the time the next day we learned she was going to be commentary editor after all, we were all too jaded to shed any more tears.
Which was good, because then three hours later we learned she wasn’t going to be commentary editor again.

>>> Lyndsey Teter 01/11/08 11:02AM >>>
dammit, it was four hours, Dennis.

>>> Lennis Daycock 01/11/08 11:01AM >>>
And then, two hours later, when we learned she WASN’T going to be commentary editor, I wept some more.

>>> Kim Trumlauf 01/11/08 10:59AM >>>
Well, there was that time when we learned that a young hotshot from Washington Court House was going to take over as commentary editor.
Dennis blubbered like a lil’ baby — and I have to admit I got a little misty eyed, thinking back to the old days when Shelly was our commentary editor.

>>> Lyndsey Teter 01/11/08 10:36AM >>>
Do you guys remember any moments when a local politician has cried in public, i.e., Hillary’s recent election-saving tears in N.H.?

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