grams is coolio

i mean, she’s rockin’ it at 84, with one of her heart valves held up with stint in the middle, but she’s cool. in fact, it’s strange to hear her talk. she seems to be really comfortable on her way to the next gig. aren’t we all, grams. aren’t we all. it sounds morbid, but i hope we all live long enough to feel at peace about death.

it sounds morbid, but John O’Grady requested that I be his MySpace friend. What’s a girl to do? Should I accept? Also, it seems City Councilman Andy Ginther’s only friends are 1.) Tom and 2.) John O’Grady.

Maybe I’ll send him a request. 

Regardless, I hope this means they will both read my blog. (!)

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  • Megan

    A stEnt actually. A stInt would be much too short for grams, we hope. Happy to hear she’s cool though.

  • Angie

    Andy Ginther is the man!