it’s for the prez, baby

First of all, it’s tragic that we must do without Stewart/Colbert during this critical time in our nation’s history. I barely know what to think anymore.

Second, i cannot imagine how exhausting, repetitive and soul-sucking the job of running for president must be. I am thankful it is not my burden to bear.

if any of you watched the New Hampshire debates tonight (on a Saturday night? primary debates? who does that?) there was a part when the Hills was all like “I am experienced in change, whereas ObamaRama is all talk and I am all action, man,” and BamBam was all like “Words are important right now — look at how I got like 12 percent of Iowa out to talk to their neighbors about politics for like way more than an hour even if they’d never done it before.”

This is true. I need that kind of inspiration. Plus the Hills seems like she has lots of grudges to settle after ’35 years of Republican control’ or whatev. 

On the average day, the president of the united state of america doesn’t really matter to me. I have health care. I am not at war. I am not foreclosure. I don’t really care about civil liberties. I can sort of afford the gas. I am not Pakistan. President Bush may have been the only one to eff it up so bad that I have become aware of the position. Recession, baby. Bring it on. Somebody’s got to be there to report on it, right? no? Citizen journalists? Shit.

i am sounding like a bad message board, but i would like to remind everyone to pray that those who are running for this hellish job of the most powerful man in the universe get a good night’s sleep tonight, tomorrow and the next night. don’t assume someone is already speaking to the lord on their behalf.

anyway they all look really tired and the world is resting on their shoulders.

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  • linzy

    Yeah, I honestly don’t know why people want to be president. Especially now, picking up a country torn apart by so many bogus things.
    I do enjoy how you said “the most powerful man in the universe” and that could possibly be Hillary. She does have that masculine air about her…

  • Bill Melville

    Methinks ye should flip back to Comedy Central — your favorite hour of TV is back in action. The only caveat is it cannot be scripted … which makes it better, in a way.