i didn’t think it was possible

to become this excited by 12 percent of Iowa!

I *heart* Barack Obama. While the others nauseate, his cliche speeches put me in a trance. And the “young people,” and the first-time caucus-goers” were given credit! Mobilize! Text me!

Maybe we are all smitten by Obama’s logo. Anyone with that kind of choice in graphic design will keep me on board.  

And Huckabee, too. He may hate queers, but as Seth said, “he used to be fat, so good for him.” And those dimples looked so cute reflected in the pearly whites of Mr. Chuck Norris, who was smiling widely behind him at the podium last night.

Can you imagine anything worse than sitting around for hours listening to your ill-informed white Midwestern neighbors talk about national issues and foreign policy?

Caucuses are retarded.

* This post, and the last one, are prime examples of why I am an absolutely terrible columnist. *

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  • http://pencilsfromheaven.blogspot.com Lmarie

    You mean the way it’s really difficult to tell what you really think because your sarcasm is so subtle? Maybe the enigma of what you really think is what keeps all of us reading …

  • Dennis

    You know that Obama is black, right?