she Bangs! she Bangs!

Instead of writing about my vacation, I think I’ll just wholeheartedly second Liz’s thoughts here.

I love Christmas.

Also, I got worms. and a huge, magical pressure canner. and a snow suit. and Carharts.  I’m not kidding. I am Homestead.

Also, this Mae:


Mae is on the right dressed as Bill Gates (left) for Halloween. She came to my house on Sunday and we did foot rubs. Some people think this is weird, but we describe it as ‘natural.’ We only wished we had chocolate-covered strawberries and wine. You only wish you were there with us.

Also, Talya:

She was on her way to see me in Ashland, but I ruined it. I am dead to me.

 Also, Monsterbeard:

He is dead to What kind of a person moves to Chicago and then, under the guise of ‘picking up loved ones from the airport,’ drives all the way to the Port Columbus International Airport specifically for the purpose of inviting theteet to grab a catch-up coffee only to stand her up hours later? A dead to me person. That’s who.

Also, Colleen.

Why aren’t you calling me?

Also, Jessm.

I was thinking about you today. About the puzzle table at your party. Thanks for that. I wish I could put you on my Google Reader.

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  • jessm

    yo dude, sorry, i am just reading blogs now for the first time in 3 weeks. i had a mini-shitstorm myself. i am glad you too are a fan of the puzzle. i am not sure what the google reader is but i will look into it. i have been thinking about you too. here’s to hoping 2008 is way way better than 2007!