i have $400 in unclaimed funds waiting for me from the state of Ohio.

apparently i left Starbucks without several hours of unused vacation pay. they tracked me all the way to Bangs.

Starbucks + State Government = $$$$$$$

also, an Idea:

for JWray, who has been scorned (along with the rest of us) – In light of recent decisions to refrain from doling out raises this year, I think that tomorrow, we should eat $2,000 worth of food from the buffet at the holiday party. Tax-exempt, baby!

Who’s with me?


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  • Jaydubs

    I like it. Or a variation: Go to the buffet. Fill plate with food. Walk over to trash can. Dispose of food. Repeat.

  • Merlin

    Is there a skit this year?

  • Jaydubs

    Nope, we didn’t have the pleasure of a skit this year … instead, we sat through a gift certificate drawing for 90 minutes and had drinks from a cash bar. Good times.