i hate Bangs.

or rather, the Knox County snowplow drivers, wherever they may be. (sleeping?)

 Let’s just say that we left well before the sun came up and arrived shortly before lunch.

There were a couple near-misses, and the Hyundai may or may not have kissed a guardrail or two, but we made it. Getting home will be another story.

Last year the  roads remained clear despite all the wintry snow and ice we had February through April.  I could laugh because a road called Possum Street in Bangs was in better shape than Morse Road. This morning, that was not true. The roads were awful. Cars and trucks lined the ditches. What gives? Were they hustling us?

I have a meeting at 7 p.m. in Sunbury tonight. It’s about noon, so I should probably head out.

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  • http://www.10bagspacking.blogspot.com Jaydubs

    I thought of you this morning when one of my fellow jurors said his wife was driving in the Mount Vernon area this morning and ended up sliding into a ditch. Glad you made it in safely!

  • Bill Melville

    You have no idea what I would give to be stuck in a snow drift right now.

    Snow in Nashville is akin to the Sasquatch or Yeti — people talk about it, but only crazy people see it.