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ben2_img_12-02-07_g1_u78kjch.jpgWHERE IS BEN MARRISON?

I am worried about Ben Marrison. Regular readers of his column should note that this week’s piece  – in which he introduces a new Dispatch series, even — did not immediately make me want to gag on my morning bagel. In fact, I am on my way now to check out the series on Ohio’s urban centers.

Although the familiar words ‘you have cancer’ were located early in the column, it was largely void of ball-sucking references to his paper, his hard-working, heroic reporters and his brilliant-yet-sensitive photographers.

The column was informative and presented a broad overview of the upcoming series, leaving us only to guess how many man hours were required to put it together. It did not reveal what his mother or wife thought about the series, nor did it set itself apart as the best, most important journalistic series of our time.

Although I don’t know that I agree with his initial conclusions, (Columbus seems to kick ass when it comes to grabbing tax abatements over the suburbs – and now they can forgive the companies who don’t meet those standards ) but THIS IS THE SORT OF TONE I WANT to see in a big metro daily editor’s column. No pandering to its Cat Readership. No whining about other papers stealing their ideas (the idea of Emerald Ash Borer, for example). No teasing ‘and if you think this is good, just wait until you see our Other Most Awesome Thing Ever, if you can wait. Which you can’t, because we’re Awesome.’

I am so moved that I may write a letter to the editor. Can I do that?

Maybe after introducing all these recent series back-to-back, Marrison has learned that when it comes to the End Zone, it’s always best to pretend you’ve been there before. (Please forgive whoever initially gave me that ‘pretend you’ve been there before’ touch-down celebration line, because I use it relentlessly)

Please follow Angie’s lead and tell me who I should love. I can sort of imagine Angie being Youngstown’s own Bethany McLean, can’t you?

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  • Dennis

    Holy shit, you just stole my next blog post almost word for word.

    You saved me 10 minutes. Thankee!

  • Your Friend

    Nice audition for The Other Paper.

    Bottom line is Marrison is a lot closer to the top of the journalism food chain than you will ever be.

    Take a look at his paycheck and yours then tell me who is winning.

    You work for the NUMBER 2 weekly chain in the market thanks to that OU journalism education. Meanwhile your co-workers are fleeing like rats escaping from that sinking ship formerly known as SNP.

    Enjoy the view from the bottom.

  • Bill Melville

    Wow. So Marrison broke his streak “Here’s why we did it, and why you’re wrong to criticize it” columns? Amazing…

  • pdawg

    He’s probably even got a nicer car than you do!

  • theteet

    Joe Hallett, I’ve told you never to call me here.

  • http://10bagspacking.blogspot.com jaydubs


    (That is supposed to be the catfight sound, only, hey, I went to OU, too, so I can’t write good.)

  • katy

    yo, who the hell posted that rude comment?

  • http://mymiddlenameisearl.blogspot.com Merlin

    Wow, hecklers on the teet! You’ve really made it, kiddo. I hope that person posts some more, so we can all rally to your defense and call him/her vile names.