speaking of words

from Lemonscarlet, perhaps the most intense word game you’ll find on the ‘net.

About 25,000 people die each day from hunger or hunger-related causes, most of them children. 

 The dumber you are, the more people will starve.

I don’t think this game is suited for those who easily are overcome with guilt for their own abundant lifestyles. I cannot stop until six bowls.

(Make that 10 bowls, at a level 32 vocabulary — which proves, not surprisingly, that Lemonscarlet is much smarter than TheTeet.)

Put your edercations to work!

Now, if only blogging could get someone fed.

The Onion

Webster’s Reluctantly Adds ‘Melty’ To English Lexicon

SPRINGFIELD, MA—Representatives from Merriam-Webster grudgingly announced Tuesday that, due to the Taco Bell–coined term’s recent…

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  • A Lachmonster

    Jeeze, that kind of addictifcating. ;-) 16 bowls 43 vocab level.

  • mandy

    Wow, that game is amazing, yet awful because I didn’t need another distraction. But I can actually feel my brain stretching and growing as I play!

    So, when you guys say X number of bowls, do you mean the little piles that appear next to the bowl, or actual 600-grains-full bowls? If the latter, wow.

  • lemonscarlet

    Glad you guys like it! I am also addicted and now have my students hooked too.