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like a bullet leaves a gun,

she leaves Shitstorm 2007. Who am i kidding? I loved 2007. Maybe it’s the bottle of sweet Riesling talking, but I would be a completely different gal if it hadn’t been for the pitfalls in every juicy month of Shitstorm 2007. … Continue reading

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she Bangs! she Bangs!

Instead of writing about my vacation, I think I’ll just wholeheartedly second Liz’s thoughts here. I love Christmas. Also, I got worms. and a huge, magical pressure canner. and a snow suit. and Carharts.  I’m not kidding. I am Homestead. … Continue reading

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who sucked out the feeling?

I’m not 100 percent sure what the lyrics to that terrible song mean, but I feel somehow it applies here. this happens frequently on theteet. everything was going fine until Seth took me to Sunbury. we were checking out this … Continue reading

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i am

1.) on vacation 2.) the happiest person on the planet  We have been busy working on the house and surrounding land. My back hurts. My hands are splintered and sore. I have been wearing sturdy boots. I feel fantastic. Like a ranch … Continue reading

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there really is

no country for old men. watching that movie will bring you the satisfaction of having absolutely no satisfaction. will toward the screen all you want, but the movie will deliver nothing you ask for, unless you’re requesting 437 heart attacks … Continue reading

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stabbing my eyes out with candy canes

by now, everyone in america knows that i’m waiting to hear about this new job thing that i would rather not talk about in detail on the internet. it is more sacred to me than a tragically comical blog post. but just … Continue reading

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i have $400 in unclaimed funds waiting for me from the state of Ohio. apparently i left Starbucks without several hours of unused vacation pay. they tracked me all the way to Bangs. Starbucks + State Government = $$$$$$$ also, … Continue reading

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please help me. i hate ben marrison

i think i have an unnatural obsession with and hatred for the editor of the Dispatch. everything he says makes me want the throw my computer monitor out the window. regardless, I’ve left him on my Google Reader. I always flip … Continue reading

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let’s build something together.

Dear 2008: Hi. We haven’t met yet. Let me introduce myself. I am theteet. One of my favorite things about blogging is the annual Year in Review, where I take my life, month by month, blog by blog, and sum … Continue reading

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