i’ve made a huge mistake.


Sure, she looks armed and happy, but do not be misled.

Bornhorst (at right) will tear your heart out with her bare hands.

Someone I know came into the cubicle today, waiving her pink razor with a mischievous ‘my salary just got doubled’ sort of grin on her face.

dammit. another one got away. 

i have been repeatedly told that i lack a normal sense of private versus public life, but i think i know that i cannotpost her salary and job description here on my blog, right? i mean, it would lead to mass suicide all around the globe. that is the reason.

the news comes moments after Another Tragic Loss, which will surely throw a wrench in my lunch plans in the coming weeks. That plus jury duty plus Army plus Portland equals … oh dear. i’ve never been good at math, but am i still comm–  ? nevermind.

seriously, i am so happy for everyone.

but i hate you.

there is only that small hurdle of convincing a future employer they can’t live without us and that they should go ahead and incorporate us onto their payroll, etc.

overcome this minor feat, and we can laugh all the way to the bank, babies.

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  • http://mymiddlenameisearl.blogspot.com Merlin

    I must be out of the loop, I’m not getting the inside references anymore…

  • http://pencilsfromheaven.blogspot.com Lmariea

    I freaking love that photo. They look so cool and dangerous.

  • Hafrhu

    No one cares, take this off the internet.

  • http://andshebangs.com lyndseyteter@gmail.com

    like, the whole blog or … ? another happy customer.