a wise female co-worker wonders

Can we still work here once he files the restraining order against us?

Which led me to this Web site, which sports a very strange icon considering the topic.

(Editor’s note: It seems all the Related wiseGeek Articles have entertaining icons. Please pursue.)

Answers are forthcoming.

In other unfinished business, I hereby award Jessm in the most recent caption contest. She captured Maybel’s pose more appropriately than the others. An award of honor goes to Amanda, my younger but larger sister, for the impossible to account for “TRIM HER NAILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” entry. Thanks to all who played. Like heaven, many enter, but few win.

Also, Dennis. We miss you, friend. Don’t let this go to your head.

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  • http://www.wisegeek.com catherine

    came across your post so i checked out the article and you’re right — not the best photo given the topic! wiseGEEK article photos are picked manually and it would seem this one managed to fall through the cracks. anyhow, we changed the photo. thanks for mentioning it!

  • mandy

    So what was the old photo? I see a girl with a bunch of books.

  • theteet

    Wow. I had no idea TheTeet was this powerful.

    Who am I kidding.

    Yes I did.

    Thank you, Catherine. Nice to meet you. Please come back. (nervous laughter)

    Mandy, the picture displayed a very nice lady in a green tank top dangling her hands carelessly over her head as she contemplated obtaining a restraining order. Google Cache is our only friend now.

  • http://chaosmulan.diaryland.com jessm

    dude, i am beyond honored.

    today the high temp here was 1 degree F.

    good link.