you know how jealous i get when ben marrison gets more (intelligent!) blog comments than i do.  i’m starting to get paranoid. is anyone other than dan williamson reading this?

speaking of, pdawg would be so proud of me.

i came clean. right in the office of mr. e. “i have seventeen daughters and double as a confession booth for hysterical ladies” lyttle. it went just the way jesus had planned it,  even as he knit me in my mother’s womb.header_danwilliamson.jpg

i told mr. dan williamson about the trains of ladies i’ve conducted through his hallway. i told him about my political platform and that his headshot is outdated and somewhat misleading, and i told him how dreamy the doe-eyed lasses find him to be. it’s hard for any man to hear, i’m sure.

it made him visibly uncomfortable, (i don’t know why — if you got it, flaunt it, sista!) but others in the room seemed pleased. Witnesses were overheard saying “there is no place else I’d rather be than right here listening to this conversation,” or something similar.

 To celebrate, I thought it appropriate to make a multi-media slideshow detailing all the times that dan williamson has been mentioned on this blog, but after several hours of mixed tapes, I just couldn’t find the right soundtrack.

Perhaps one day soon, dan williamson will have the courage to stop breaking hearts with that mug shot. until then, mama teter will tirelessly lead hordes of adoring teenie fans past his office window. but maybe next time i’ll extend him the courtesy of a warning.

 If only Bill Cohen or Jon Husted had been in the office that day.

I would have been able to leave with a clear conscience.

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  • Merlin

    I can’t believe you’ve actually did it – because of that story, a tiny, tiny little piece of me sort of regrets leaving those halls. Oy!

  • Pdawg

    Pdawg be not proud.

    I will defend us children of the 70s vs. you young punks any day.

    We will see what 2017 holds for The Teet’s headshot and then judgment will come down.

  • Bill Melville

    Every time your Dan Williamson obsession comes up, I die a little more.

  • Spiderman

    Well done.

  • Merlin

    It approaches. Soon.

  • theteet

    Merlin? i’m frightened.

    pdawg? I look forward to hearing from you in 2017.

    melville! i did it just for you.

    Spiderman? gracias. i missed you friday. damned sniffles.

  • Merlin

    S’okay, I just like being cryptic when responding to blogs. :)

  • Experimental Dater

    Oh I’m one of those girls who lusted after D.W. from his picture and his articulate pieces in The Other Paper. I am not one of those girls, however, that you ushered by his office. This makes me sad.