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I’ve made a huge mistake, part II

We had a nice lunch with Bornhorst at the Chammps at the Lennox today. But I left my Rolling Stones canvas bag there. My car keys were in my Rolling Stones canvas bag. Now what? I had dreams and hopes for tonight. Seth … Continue reading

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two things:

one. i had some champagne to celebrate dinner. two. Lindsay Todd is nice. but how nice is she? well, let me give you an example. today, on our way to lunch, we spotted two old ladies who were preparing to … Continue reading

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dawg pound

Hey — How ’bout them Brownies? I can tell you one thing about them. I went to their game this Sunday, thanks to some sweet (free!) tickets from my father’s company. The Johnsons’ attendance prompted the franchise’s launch into the Wild … Continue reading

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found an old dog and he seems to like me

i don’t want to dissuade any potential suitors, but i don’t know whether its winter’s equilibrium, or Shitstorm 2007 toying with me before one final knock-out punch, but I’ve been having a lot of fun with my husband lately. like, flirty … Continue reading

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it did not have the effect they had hoped

i saw this picture on a conservative blog. they were ripping Ohio’s attorney general because flame cars = wasted taxpayer dollars, but:  i think it works. whether it’s all-day kindergarten, or non-prescription tinted costume contact lenses, this guy brings the heat. or in … Continue reading

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i’ve made a huge mistake.

Sure, she looks armed and happy, but do not be misled. Bornhorst (at right) will tear your heart out with her bare hands. Someone I know came into the cubicle today, waiving her pink razor with a mischievous ‘my salary … Continue reading

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he said/she said

Special Snapshot Into My Life Edition  he said: you are, no doubt, the biggest pain in the butt per pound in the office. she said:

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a wise female co-worker wonders

Can we still work here once he files the restraining order against us? Which led me to this Web site, which sports a very strange icon considering the topic. (Editor’s note: It seems all the Related wiseGeek Articles have entertaining icons. Please … Continue reading

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you know how jealous i get when ben marrison gets more (intelligent!) blog comments than i do.  i’m starting to get paranoid. is anyone other than dan williamson reading this? speaking of, pdawg would be so proud of me. i … Continue reading

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I think we’re just going to have to be secretly in love with each other and leave it at that

(cue musical score: Final Countdown) I left a room full of reporters typing feverishly after 1 a.m. last night. Mass emails led me to believe that there were reporters and ediporters working after 3 a.m. As for me, I simply don’t … Continue reading

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