Sorry for the inconvenience, but

We will resume normal hours of operation after the 2007 General Election.

Thank you,

The Managment*

*dictated but not read.

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  • Merlin

    Understandable. I’m only covering two elections and it sucks. I shudder to think about the Teterbot’s work load….

  • Bill Melville

    It must be rough scheduling all 200-plus endorsements, with candidates from all those different papers … oh wait, that was me, and ACN only did the issues (yes, yes, a thousand times yes).

    But seriously, I’m sure the new clowns are finding all sorts of work for you to do. And the Sunbury crazies are only too happy to oblige as well.

    Hang in there, man, and remember — you could be doing what I used to do.

  • theteet

    i’ll trade you 200 endorsement panels for an effing copy desk and 5 sunbury stories a week!

    ok, maybe not.

    but still, this is MY pity party, and YOU’RE RUINING IT MELVILLE