the old blue H

Bored at the old hospital again. Steter decided his thumb was too long, and being the do-it-yourselfer that he is, he cut off part of it with the table saw. Just about a half an inch or so. They just ripped the top off and said it will regenerate?

I am wondering if this Knox County medicine was the best decision.

He is fine. Working on a sexy scar, but he has competition. Doc says no texting.

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  • crankin

    They said it will regenerate?! Interesting. That poor nail will never be the same. Am I coming to Bangs on Friday?

  • jaydubs

    Is Steter part starfish?

    Also, I think the hospital should supply those loyalty cards that restaurants and such give out — that way, your 10th visit would be free!

  • jessm