i rule i rule i rule and so do you

2:25:55, baby.

That’s what I call under the wire. I cried a little at the finish. Shut up. I was vulnerable and there were so many cheering people and I have wanted to do this for such a long effing time. But next time (see what is happening already?) I’m getting a watch. I was so freaked about about starting too fast that I started really slow and then sprinted in the middle when I realized I was off pace – and then I unfortunately separated from my dead body from miles 10-13. (13.1!!!) But not before I ate an advil off a portapottie floor. 5-second rule?

Seth, Aaron, Baby Owen, Mom, Dad, Amanda and BJ? Calls from the Strader and various online supporters?

You guys are the best people on the planet. I did not anticipate how much knowing you would be there at mile 8 kept me going until that point. And getting up at 5:30? You will be rewarded in heaven.

Speaking of Heaven, talking out-loud to myself and Jesus is AWESOME and should be encouraged — maybe even when my body isn’t on fire. Or maybe I should get used to that.

I’m going to go chug an effing Dr. Pepper. I heart everything. Except for High Street. That road sucks.

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  • crankin

    I saw your tracker at 2:25:55 and I peed a little. Good job HUNNY. I am very proud of you and your lungs.

  • Bill Melville

    You ran the whole thing? Friggin’ awesome. You’re my hero now….

  • theteet

    colleen — thanks LOVE TUSHY.

    bill – sadly, I walked 1 block each at 10, 11 and 12.

    once you break the seal, it’s hard to control the walking thing. i think the last 3 miles took 25 minutes each. oops.

    can i still be your hero?

  • Rogue Agent

    Holy Crap! 13.1 miles. Great job !!!! Now I can’t to read the comments you get from state reps saying that you don’t know anything about running and you haven’t done your homework. Amateurs…

  • Rogue Agent

    add “wait” after can’t… Sorry – I got winded from typing so much…

  • Bill Melville

    Of course — I didn’t see you walk those blocks, and having done the half-marathon thing, I understand that 13.1 miles feels a lot farther when you’re running it. And it’s really hard to start running again once you’ve already run 9 miles….

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