your Guide to Me tomorrow

for mama, pops and those Columbusites who are not too hung over/on their way to Sunday school:

Dad will probably enjoy this the most, but those with a.) Internet access (Crackberries or otherwise) and who b.) know my name can use Maptracker to find out where i am in the race and/or help locate my dead body.

The gun starts at 8 a.m. and I hope to finish up (should i say this?) at 2.5 hours. Actually, I hope to finish. Here is the map and the rest of the info can be found here.

Colleen and anonymous should save their short jaunt for Friday, Oct. 27. I’m not naming names, but a certain older man will be joining me in the 2nd annual celebratory Dead Celebrity 5k, and he and his wife seem excited about the possibility of seeing everyone.

Anyone who can make it to C-Bus by like 6 p.m. on Friday should come down and bring a costume. The Johnsons are ready to par-tee.

Other things I learned from watching Talya:

1,) people write their names on their arms so that you can encourage them during the race. the name on their arm is NOT, contrary to popular belief, the name of a dead relative that they are running in honor of. Yelling this name will not bring up unpleasant memories for the runner. In fact, they welcome you to yell this name.

2.) bring a cow bell. trust me.

3.) when in doubt, I’ll look for you on the right. i like to run on the right.

4.) I’ll be in bright green and black with my trademark ‘non-sporty’ headscarf :)

Aren’t you excited for me to be done talking about this!?

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  • Lyndsey

    Hmmm…Oct 27..5k…hmmmmm