i read that ukulele/typwriter  is playing at Donkey this weekend.

I haven’t been to Athens since the Cosigner show in … what was that? aught-five? I was excited about my new pet hedge hog then. So much has changed. Will I be ready for it? I bet the Pyle’s kid is probably securing his temps by now.

The Paul Bunyan Lumberjack festival, (formerly of Nelsonville, but now in Zanesville or something) was open to only the first 30 registrants this year…confirming rumors that it is no longer a fun, family festival, but rather, a trade convention for the lumberjack industry.

sad faces all around.

but hey. listen, kid. wipe those tears. we should really make the trip. we should go camping. in hocking hills. we should go to Donkey in the afternoon. we should stick around for the witching hour. i hope the sorority chicks still wear the skirts.

in the meantime, i found this. i think cannonball is my fav. ‘everybody hurts’ is quality, too.

It makes me sad that I missed out on Change Purse.

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  • http://chaosmulan.diaryland.com jessm

    i too am sad that i missed Change Purse. i am sure it would have been wonderful.

    i wish that i could to to see ukulele/typwriter at donkey, but alas, i will be at the Circumpolar Indegenous Leadership Symposium in Anchorage, AK, giving a 20 min presentation about myself, my leadership philosophy, and my goals and intentions for the future. what could be more fun than that!

  • Bill Melville

    No johnsons or Teters hurling axes at the Paul Bunyan?
    (single tear rolls down)

  • A Lachmonster

    we’re going camping the 12th at lake hope if you wanna join us. i think the schlagbaums & cookes will be coming too… probably some others as well. you should too.

    Hocking college still has a festi, I think its now called the outdoor axes and logs extravaganza experience festival or some such. check it out: http://www.hocking.edu/goa/

  • A Lachmonster

    oh yeah, and i reeeeealy like that there is a baby rhinoceros on that web page (look bottom left)… apparently hocking college looks a LOT like the SE african bush.

  • Mae

    Wait…Aren’t you going to Chicago this weekend? So many amazing plans…