beast of burden

i’ve managed to piss off: 

1.) animal rights activists (not to be cornfused with your peaceful, run-of-the-mill animal welfare crowd)


2.) The Dispatch.

Both organizations have factions that, as one co-worker put it, “aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty.” 

give myself 10 days at most.

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  • Mae

    Hey there…just wondering if your phone number changed. Let me know. Love ya!

  • Bill Melville

    I saw that you took on Marrison, and I wondered if that might have repercussions. I generally acted like they didn’t exist — of course, I mostly wrote about whatever the hell I wanted, so you could say I acted like the audience didn’t exist either.

    Don’t let either Big D, the animal lovers, or your audience get you down. Unless those orange delivery trucks try to run your Honda off the road…

  • Experimental Dater

    How, might I ask, have you managed to piss off the big D?